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Team Task Tracker Google Sheet Template

About this Google Sheet Template

This task tracker is what I personally use to blaze through my daily tasks. So naturally, being the Google Sheet fanatic I am, I supercharged it.

Have you ever talked about doing a task with a teammate and then you both forgot about it? Not anymore.

Work piles up, you don’t know how to spread out your tasks. You get overwhelmed. Not anymore.

There is a huge list of thing your team members are working on and no one knows the progress in a glance? We’ve got you covered.

Need to constantly follow up with your teammates for missed deadlines? I’ve got you covered.

What can this task tracker do?

Here are all the awesome features I created just for you guys. I hope you find them useful.

Feature 1: Track your tasks

You can track the following information under each task

  • Channel (Category):
    You can decide the options for the dropdown while setting it up.
  • Owner:
    The member of your team
  • Status:
    This will indicate the status of a certain task
    • Not Started
    • WIP (Work in progress)
    • Done
    • On Hold
    • Repetitive work
    • Abandoned
  • Priority:
    Using this you can set the importance of a task.
    There are 3 options here:
    • High
    • Medium
    • Low (Reminders will not get triggered for Low priority tasks)
  • Due Date:
    When is this task due for.
    Note: Some people prefer using this as a “Next day to work on it” line.
  • Remarks:
    Use this however you want. you can add progress, links, comments, anything here.
  • Date Added:
    This will get updated on its own.

Feature 2: Team status dashboard

A summary neatly divided by statuses and priorities.

Feature 3: Gantt Chart Task planner

Imagine this, you have a TONN of tasks and you get a few more. When will you work on what? How do you even go about assigning due dates for the tasks?

This sheet has got your back.

Just select the team member and voila!

Note: Due to the excessive number of formulas this sheet is a little slow.

Feature 4:

Setting up this sheet

Everything you saw above can be easily configured under 5 mins.

Step 1: Fill in Team details

Add the following information:

  • Team member names
  • Email ids
  • Select the team manager

Step 2: Select Auto-Reminder Preferences

Select the following options:

  • Do you want the reminder features to work?
  • Do you want the manager to be CCed in the reminder e-mails?

Step 3: Edit the channels/task categories

I am a marketer so I have named the task categories as channels which refers to marketing channels but feel free to change the categories of your tasks in your task tracker.

Note: You can always come back and change anything you want.

Step 4: Setting up reminders

Click the dropdown with my name, Ishaan Shakunt, from the top menu.
(Yes, I’m obsessed with myself)

Then click on “Send Reminders”

Then Click on Continue

Then log in using the email you want the reminder emails to be sent from.

You will get a warning because I haven’t published the script as an app.

The script has no API calls and doesn’t send the data anywhere. I won’t even know if you have activated it. It’s completely safe. So be sure, you can ask a friend who can read scripts to take a look at the code.

And that’s it!

Step 5: Hide all the setup sheets

Nobody likes clutter. So we’ll just sweep it under the mattress for now. If you ever want to add a team member, change the category or change any other preferences, simply change it from the setup sheet.

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