Influencer Marketing Guide: Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know about getting business results via a data driven process.

Ishaan Shakunt

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1. What is the influencer of marketing ?
2. Why does it work ?

What is the influencer of marketing ?

If social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and paid display ads had a baby, it would be influencer marketing. It has a lot of the positives and negatives of the three combined.
This channel especially is amazing because it is so diverse and is giving opportunities to so many emerging young entrepreneurs. If done right, this can help give you much better ROI than other marketing channels, if not, it can be a huge waste of your time and money.
Influencers are people who have already built communities or following in a particular niche. You collaborate with them to share your message with their audience.


This is everything you need to calculate your budget with the following formula:

Total PPC Budget

Traffic needed x Average cost per click

Factor 3: Engagement

We’ve already established that engagement is a really important metric and probably will be one of the primary KPIs for your influencer marketing campaigns.
The average engagement rate of an influencer tells you out of the followers that he/she has, what percentage do usually engage with his/her posts.
How do you know what a good engagement rate is?
Well.. this depends primarily on 3 things:
1. The Region
2. The number of followers
3. The Niche
For your reference, here is a Followers vs engagement rate graph that I created by analyzing over 1000 Indian Instagram influencer profiles.
P.S. Shoutout to my friends at InfluenceMonk(an Influencer Marketing agency) for providing me with the data.

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