LinkedIn Profile Guide: From zero to hero right now!

LinkedIn Profile Guide: Ishaan Shakunt's LinkedIn Profile

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There are many many great ways to create your profile and you can certainly develop your own ways as well. These are some tips to help you get started on your journey(from scratch) to becoming a hero.

I recommend using these methods first then, if you want, you can alter your profile and make it more personal and unique. (become a superhero!)

Bonus tips before we start:

Tip 1: Email Id

If your e-mail id is something like, please get a more professional one.

Tip 2: Goal

Having a goal for your LinkedIn profile is almost essential. It will help you position yourself right(picking a niche) and understand your progress. Both of which are crucial to actually getting any results from the efforts you put into your LinkedIn profile.

Here are some examples:

  • Find a job (Showcasing your expertise helps companies gain the confidence to select you for better positions. Also, visibility and connections help you get more opportunities.
  • Get clients for your business
  • Position yourself as a thought leader
  • Earn by becoming a LinkedIn influencer (Yes, Influencer Marketing has really grown in the past few years. A lot of companies have also started doing it on LinkedIn)

Now let’s get started with creating your LinkedIn profile.

Step 1: Public URL

After you login go to your profile by clicking on the ‘Me‘ button on the top right then ‘View profile

Click on the ‘Edit public profile & URL‘ button which will lead you to the edit page. Then click on your profile link under the ‘Edit public profile URL section‘ and change it to something more simple.

Eg: ishaanshakunt, shakunt-ishaan,shakuntishaan,ishaan-shakunt,etc.

Step 2: Name

Believe it or not, you have options even in this section.

Just your name:

Ishaan Shakunt

With Emoji:

James Bong 🔥

Note: LinkedIn sometimes glitches while tagging people with emoji in their names.

With Title:

King Kong, Professional Recruiter

With a cheeky title(bonus):

Ishaan Shakunt, Monkey Marketer

Step 3: Headline (120 characters)

This is the most visible written content on your LinkedIn profile. Make sure you take your time creating this.

To edit this, click on the edit button at the top right of your profile.

If you’re a student, you can follow this format:

“Computer Engineering student | Full stack developer | Seeking development internships”

If you’re a professional freelancer, you can follow these formats:

“I help foodies find great affordable food.”

“Need great food? Contact me at”

If you’re a professional, you can follow these formats:

“HR Recruiter at FoodieForLife Ltd.”

“HR Recruiter”

If you’re on the outlook for a job(bonus):

Add #ONO to your profile. Some people understand what it means and it takes lesser space than “Open to new opportunities”

Pro Tip(bonus): Make sure you if you use creative titles (like Code Ninja), you also mention a more common title like Programming Head. This will reduce the understandability of your post and your SEO score so you may not be found by people and may miss out on amazing opportunities.

Step 4: Profile picture

Add a clear simple preferably professional/semi-professional headshot of yourself.

Bonus: You can try using this website to see what other people think about your picture.

Step 5: Summary(2,000 characters)

If anyone checks out your profile seriously, this is the first place he/she will see. If the Headline and Profile picture hook people in(to see your profile), this is where you reel them in.

There are various ways people use this space and you can always create a new way as well. Here are some general rules you can follow.

  1. Only the top 2 lines(about 234 characters) of your summary are shown to someone viewing your profile. They then have to click on “See more” to view the rest of your summary. You HAVE to compel people to click on the “See more” button using these 2 lines.
  2. Write it in the first person. Make it a conversation.
  3. Tell your story. It creates a sense of trust and connection.
  4. Have a clear Call to Action. Eg: Whether you want your profile views to just connect with you, message you on LinkedIn, call you, mail you, visit your blog, read your article, etc.
  5. Don’t make it too long. That’s the mistake a lot of people do.

You can use this website for some great examples and categorization to take inspiration from for your summary. These examples don’t contain CTAs though.

Check out Ashi’s profile for a great example of this.

Here is my LinkedIn profile with a simpler version of a summary with CTA.

Step 6: Education Details

You can add details of your major, what optional subjects you took, your grade and any other relevant details in this section.

Also, add the list of clubs you attended/founded and the various extra-curricular activities you took part in, in the University/school with some details.

Note: You may leave out too many details in the education section if you’ve already started working and have some experience.

Step 7: Experience Details

You can either make it very professional like how you would in a resume but longer, or you can add a little personality and write the summary in the form of a short story about your experience there.

Make sure you use action words to describe the work you did. Try adding numbers and statistics to increase the credibility and likability of your profile.

You can also try adding links to documents like project reports or links to your work here.

Re: Pro Tip(bonus): Make sure you if you use creative titles (like Code Ninja), you also mention a more common title like Programming Head. This will reduce the understandability of your post and your SEO score so you may not be found by people and may miss out on amazing opportunities.

Step 8: Skills

While you can have a strong urge to add as many skills as you possibly know… don’t. Instead, do this:

Identify top 3 relevant skills(this is very important); add them; then add only the skills that are extremely relevant. For example, you most probably don’t need to add Microsoft word.

You can also create custom skills but only do that if necessary.

Step 9: Background Image

This is at the top of your profile but I’m mentioning this so late because there are way too many options for this one to make a guide on. I’ll just list some of the best practices I’ve noticed:

  1. You speaking at an event.
  2. A banner of a group/community of yours.
  3. A banner with the service you provide and a call to action on it.maybe a phone number)
  4. A banner with quotes/pictures relevant to your field.
  5. You with someone famous.

Bonus: You with your dog.

Check out Deep Kakkad’s profile for a great example.

Step 10: Recommendations

Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations ask whomever you’ve worked with, worked for and definitely, whoever you work with in the future.

Bonus tip: If you’re not sure they’ll give you a recommendation or they say that they’ll give you one once they get some spare time on their hands. Send them a draft of a recommendation for yourself. Tell them that they can choose to edit it or send it as it is.

Step 11: Other stuff

You don’t need a guide’s help anymore. You’re a pro.

Go to your LinkedIn profile, click on ‘Add new profile section‘ on the right-hand side, add whatever else you feel like adding.

“Yey! I’m a hero now.” Is this the end?

Of course not! You’ve just set up your LinkedIn profile and you’ve done it better than most. But, as you use LinkedIn, I’m sure you’ll come up with tiny changes to your profile(or a whole makeover) which will help you become a super-hero.

Now you have to build relationships, grow your network with the right kind of people, maybe even write posts and brand yourself.

All the best for your quest! The journey is long and full of opportunities. I hope you become a true super-hero.

Need professional consultation to help you out with everything from setting up your profile to content strategy and more? My friend Ashi has helped a lot of people with this. Just make sure to mention my name(Ishaan) in the first line of your message so that she responds quickly.

Here is a link to her profile.

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